Old barns await Yellow’s fresh motor

Yellow waits for the return of his old motor, freshly rebuilt

Spoke with U.S. Engines in Kent the other day. The engine kit is on its way from Australia. Australia and Canada both love the old Hiluxes. And in Canada they still get new ones. Probably in Australia too. But the tariffs to get one into the U.S. are ridiculous. Anyhow, the parts are on their way. Yellow Truck, the chief vehicle of birdloft salvage operations, awaits. The old barns await. I wait too.

Best part of this news, that the rebuild kit is on its way, is that the motor was all intact when they tore it down. No cracked head or block. Everything good. There was no guarantee on that. One of the guys up here in Seattle had put the fear in me, saying they’d started on these Toyota motors a couple different times and never finished them. Always ran into something.

But he probably just didn’t care for them. There are plenty of other mechanics who’ll talk about how indestructible the Hilux is. There’s some You Tube video that is the source of a lot of this excitement. And this particular motor, the 2.2 liter “L” or “1L”, a couple different people have said it’s pretty much the same motor that Toyota puts in its forklifts. So it has to be a good motor. Even if it keeps a person in the slow lane.

With any luck, in a couple weeks now I’ll be easing the motor back onto the mounts.

Then the birdloft salvage operations can return in full force. Ah, the countryside awaits. The old barns. The dirty back roads. Just in time for spring.

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