Concerning biodiesel as it relates to a super rare early 1980s diesel pickup truck known by the cognoscenti as Yellow Truck. An abbreviated back story is provided below more recent posts.

old barns await yellow’s fresh motor | February 13, 2012 | engine kit is on its way from Australia

The motor is out  | February 1, 2012 | of the removal and transport of a 2.2-liter diesel engine for rebuilding

The Chronicles of Yellow Truck, Champion of the Slow Lane

Yellow Truck, the immortal 1982 biodiesel-breathing miniature pickup truck, first gained notoriety in a cross-country epic that stretched 9,000 miles in the spring of 2010. That journey was blogged at  From there, though, after limping safely into his home port of Seattle, Yellow Truck lived a zen narrative, beyond words, without written record. Just drinking and smoking. Drinking – oil by the quart, most of it blowing past his rings and seals. Smoking – leaving inky bluish french-fry clouds in his wake. Still, in the city, people left notes on his windshield, offering to buy. And in the country, Yellow powered down the two-lane roads, ferrying staggering loads of salvaged old growth wood, from the islands back home to the birdloft workshop.

When his motor finally quit, the mechanics told me to bury him and forget about it. They said I wouldn’t find the parts. Far too rare. They said he wasn’t worth the repairs. There would always be more repairs, they said, more heartache. It would never end, they said. I listened with patience. I knew in most instances they would have been right. Even finding the most mundane parts could be maddeningly difficult. Not even obtainable in Japan. But in all their talk, trying to help me right myself and give up on Yellow, they gave me clues to his salvation. I went home, and got online. I got online many times. And finally with the leads the naysayers had inadvertently given me, I discovered the safety zone, my time machine – Australia – where mechanics still love diesel Toyotas and the parts are all there in plenty. It took seven months of waiting, of listening, of focusing on other things ahead of Yellow, like get married. But now, after seven months adrift on a bed of gravel, listlessly looking east, Yellow Truck is safely parked in a Tacoma garage – my brother-in-law’s, bless him –  and the resurrection is underway. Rebuilt motor. Rebuilt transmission. Both on their way. The open road awaits. Yellow Truck Take Two.

Posts to stack up as the work continues this weekend.

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