This page does not pretend to be relevant to the non-bird obsessed general public. If you do not love birds, or if you think birds are cute, these posts will act as a thunderous sedative upon your head. If, however, you have a very cool, very deep connection with birds. And if you have already eaten up the majority of bird literature and found it to be frustrating, in that it seems to always subsist gamely at entry level. Well, then maybe this page may contain some links of interest.

old lady marsh hawk

Snow Day, With Birds

Between Bushtits, Chongquing Trains, the Sweetness of Lobster and the Scalloper Alone


To shop for sustainable, hard-nosed birdhouses:

2 thoughts on “BIRDS

  1. Georgia Demetre says:

    Jeff, we just ordered a table from you, but just went on your site and found this on birds. We have over 70 birds. Mostly Australian finches, some of which are endangered in the wild. We have a hand raised Lady Gouldian and a hand raised White Backed Murin, both of which have the run of the house. We have an outdoor and an indoor aviary. My husband worked in the avian biology lab at UC Davis when he was there in school.

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