super actual, super edifying:


George Nakashima | guarded, glinted words and drawings – a severe furniture of pith, bole and light – an old garden to return to

John Dilnot | the Joseph Cornell of birds, and brighter and lighter

this is colossal | visual archive trending toward contemporary splash incarnation of Alexandria Egypt library

a daily dose of architecture | New York style – fast, thin, greasy, spendy

Jasper Morrison  | super clean palette knife

David Finck | was allowed to finish J Krenov’s last cabinet

vintage machinery  | beautiful in the way ancient phone books are, a who’s who of old arks in lost shops awaiting the next raw blank

workbenchwonks  | you think you have dug some into woodworking. then you touch down in this perfectly level forest of plumb figured trees inhabited by murmuring wood wonks

woodwisemill  | the squaring up of giant beauties, and the infinite interiority of American elms


The Stranger  | killer local

Crosscut  | Pacific Northwest, almost daily news and a hundred times better than the last standing mainstream Seattle daily

Grist  | green, excited about it, and pretty good at it

The New Yorker  | endangered, but still the best American periodical out there, hands down

Sherman Alexie  | angry in all the best ways. affirming with his own blood and words what is tangible

 Why not leave now, forget theory and go shopping:

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