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out of the wet and raw

the long slow dry begins

the long slow dry begins

Was working with a chainsaw the other day, getting all wet, wanting to bring some material in out of the cold and rain. Harvested three koans and some massive beams of Douglas fir with beautiful sawblade imprints. They’ll all need some time to dry. And they won’t dry as fast in the woodshop as they would in the living room. But you can only test the bonds of marriage so much. And any test should always be with good cause. In this case, I am just excited. Cannot wait to see what is revealed as the wood dries.

One premonition – the length of beam in front with the two slow curves, the curves being wane, where bark and sapwood meet – I’m pretty sure the wane is going to be topside of a console. Two curves. At hip height. Soon enough will see, and who for. Meantime, plenty ahead in line on the list of things to do. No hurry. Temperature about 48 degrees. Murmurings already of spring.

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new year wreath

wreath of shavings

new year’s wreath of shavings

even when this old wood makes way for a drill bit it’s beautiful. from a book case coming together. the wreath-like composition existed for maybe a minute, before being wiped away to drill the next hole, just below. You can see the center point, marked lightly in pencil. Hole is 29/64s of an inch diameter. Wood is old growth douglas fir, about 1.75 inches thick.

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